Steps to Getting Lic

Not licensed? Interested in a career change? Want to know the steps to take to obtain your license?


Here is the 21 Steps to Getting Your License.

  1. Sign up for our online course material (fill out the form below). A fee of $140.00 will be needed to purchase study and course material. 
  2. You will enroll in three courses. Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Appraisal. 
  3. Study the material at a self pace. You can attend class from the comfort of your home with our virtual training. 
  4. You may complete one course in  7.5 weeks or 18 days.
  5. Take FInal Exam 
  6. Pass your final exams for the course. 100 multiple-choice questions 
  7. Once you have completed all three courses and passed the final exam, its test prep time!
  8. Gather All Three course completion certificates.
  9. Study Crash course material 
  10. Take Practice Exams and Sample multiple choice questions. 
  11. Apply for your state exam with the California Bureau of Real Estate by filling out form
  12. Get Fingerprints taken at a Live Scan service operator
  13. Mail your Application from Step 11, your completed Course Certificates and payment to Bureau of Real Estate to take your exam. 
  14. Take the State Exam and Pass!
  15. Call the Office at 760-482-5812 and let the career coordinator know the great news, you passed!
  16. Activate your license by getting hired with Century 21!
  17. Join the Board of Realtors of the area which you service (we will help with that)
  18. Take Ethics and Realtors® training
  19. Take marketing picture and turn it in to the Office for materials (business cards, website,etc)
  20. Enroll you in our award winning Create21 class and complete
  21. Become a Rockstar CENTURY 21 agent. 

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Already Licensed?  

Lets review your goals and give you an overview of the many tools and benefits that we offer:

  1. Award Winning Training- Try our advance coaching class.
  2. Award Winning Websites- get a full idx website for free
  3. FREE personal mobile App
  4. FREE database with Marketing material 
  5. FREE Golden Ruler (report emailing sellers marketing efforts, clicks on websites and other data for their listing)
  6. Award Winning Marketing- put your name on our national media programs including but not limited to the Smarter, Bolder, Faster campaign, Indy Car, Bobsled and US soccer.
  7. Extensive discounts on everyday providers such as Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.
  8. Discounts at major real estate advertising portals such as Zillow, Trulia and
  9. Take advantage of leads! Our lead router system instantly delivers leads via phone from inquiring consumers

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